UX/UI Redesign

Actionable insights not analytics


Redesigning the analytics for a conversational AI agent backend platform.


Active.AI is a fintech startup specialising in artificial intelligence.


Platform where banks can create their own AI agent in handling FAQs to transactions. Redesign of the analytics page where banks can see how their AI agent is doing.

The Problem

Data really is valuable only if it helps a company make better decisions.
Analytics that requires additional analysis and interpretation creates friction.

"We believe data is our oil, our gold, but having hundreds of millions of terabytes of data that isn’t actionable really does nothing for me."

Rob Roy, chief digital officer at Sprint

Putting questions that companies ask at the forefront when designing analytics

Designing not around the data we have. But designing with a focus on insights that are actionable towards a desired result. Focusing on the actions that work.

Understanding the job,
to get the job done

Finding out what the 

From data to action

Focusing on what users can do after reading through the analytics.

From data 

Finding out what the 

1 Focus on the important

Cut the noise, target the information which matters for the user.

2 Sort by priority

Display what matter the most at the front

3 Visualise the information

Arranging the information according to 

Scoring key metrics to communicate complex data quickly

Key metrics provides a quick gauge of the current performance based on a score. It combines a set of relevant data points to provide a rough gauge of a specific metrics.


Alerting on what matters

Automated alerts allows users to spot problems without the need of constant monitoring. Allowing the rapid intervention when problems first arise.

Account balance comparison

Segmenting customers

Audience segmenting allows companies to tailor product & services to specific customer profile. Campaign strategies and targeted messages can be sent to particular customers.

User Segmentation Widget

Key Takeaways

Finding that niche space where we can perform differently from the competition.


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Next Project

Designing conversations for AI

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User experience is about stories not portfolio.
Get in touch to hear more.
User experience is all about stories not portfolio. Get in touch and hear more.
User experience is all about stories not portfolio.
Get in touch and hear more.

User experience is all about stories not portfolio. Get in touch and hear more.