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Actionable insights not analytics

Actionable Insights - Dashboard

Active.AI is a fintech startup that specialises in conversational AI chatbots for financial institutions. They wanted a redesign of their analytics to provide clients with better AI chatbot performance data.

The Problem

Existing analytics was not well organised and included many unnecessary datapoints. Design of the interface also look cluttered.

Requiring users to analyse and interprete the data by themselves. It was not easy to understand how the chatbot was performing. Trends and opportunities is also hard to spot.

Old Analytics Screenshot

Design Challenge

How can we improve the analytics page to show relevant insights that is useful for clients in improving their customer's experience. 

Research Findings

To counter the small sample of user feedback, it was also important to analyse the competitors and industry trend before redesign.

Quality data over quantity

Users Feedback

Existing analytics included many redundant data points while lacking in data that was needed. Data such as popular timings and channel usages were missing. Interface was hard to use and unpleasant.

Users Expectation

Technology should understand their customers and make timely connections that is relevant for them. Providing information they can act on to improve customer experience.

"We believe data is our oil, our gold, but having hundreds of millions of terabytes of data that isn’t actionable really does nothing for me."

— Rob Roy, chief digital officer at Sprint

Competitive Analysis
Learning from the competiton

There were no analytical solutions in the market currently that perfectly addresses the needs of our users. We researched numerous competitors and found some features that were particularly intuitive & useful. We adapted and customised certain features that we found relevant for our users.

Competitive Analysis

Industry Trend
Future of analytics — Augmented Analytics

Research by Gartner1, dentified trends in analytics with augmented automated insights to deliver onto 75% of analytical platforms by 2021. Machine learning capabilities to surface hidden patterns and new insights from the analytical data. Natural language processing can also translate algorithms’ findings into simple structured sentences.

Understanding customer’s end-to-end experience

Having a deeper understanding of user experiences across channels is important for businesses2,3. Consolidating information like videos viewed, time of app usage to chatbot requests let companies understand how customers interact with the brand. Engaging and assisting customers at just the moment they need it.


Business Goals
1. Create & maintaining customer connection
2. Shifting customer service towards automated agents

Having a clear understanding of our clients business goals from day one is important. Even when we are designing a small feature, knowing their goals help us set the right tone and direction.


of redesign

A list of objectives was crafted after having a team discussion and analysing the research. Below are some of the objectives:

Actionable Insights
User Questions
Analytics Integration

Redesigned Analytics

Focus on analytics that users can take action on. With better organisation of information to capture the full picture.

Infographic Design

Infographics are effective because they simplify information and make use of the human ability to see patterns and trends.


Overview Page

Single page overview gathers all the essential information. From customers usage, satisfaction, bot performance to transactions. Simple and informative report that can be shared across departments.

Scoring key metrics to communicate complex data quickly

Quick gauge of the current performance by combining multiple relevant data points.


Alerts that matters

Alerts that matters

Users are alerted when critical problems first arise. Removing the need for constant monitoring and enabling faster intervention.

Users are alerted when critical problems first arise. Removing the need for constant monitoring and enabling faster intervention.

Customer segmentation

Analytics that automatically generate customer profiles. Allowing companies to create strategies & targeted messages for specific customers.

User Segmentation Widget

Tools to improve performance

Allow users to improve chatbot response accuracy by showing the specific juncture where the chatbot failed to respond correctly.

Key Takeaways

Find a niche where you can perform and excel better than the competitors.


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2. Google: How integrated data and technology helped 3 companies transform their marketing  - Article
3. McKinsey: From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do - Article

Next Project

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User experience is about stories not portfolio.
Get in touch to hear more.
User experience is all about stories not portfolio. Get in touch and hear more.
User experience is all about stories not portfolio.
Get in touch and hear more.

User experience is all about stories not portfolio. Get in touch and hear more.