Hello! 👋 I'm Allan Siew a User Experience Designer at ResMed. I help make medical services 🏥 more acessible to people 👨‍👧 through better design.

I am excited about using AI and tech to tackle 🤔 challenges in healthcare 💊 to sustainability.

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Analytics Widgets

Actionable insights not analytics

Helping users understand the big data to drive better business decisions.


Conversational AI SaaS platform

Enabling financial institutions to easily create, manage & deploy enterprise AI chatbots without code.

Conversation 1
Conversation 2
Conversation 3

Designing conversations for AI

Making the financial AI chatbot experience more 'human'.

UX Strategy

Accelerating Marketing Experiences with Data

Personalising the user journey from data insights.


User experience is about stories not portfolio.
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User experience is all about stories not portfolio. Get in touch and hear more.