Hello! 👋 I'm Allan Siew a User Experience Designer at Active.Ai in Singapore. Currently working on 💬 conversational AI design.

I believe in tackling 🤔 the world's greatest challenges with design. From healthcare 💊 to sustainability.

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Analytics Widgets

UX/UI Redesign

Actionable insights not analytics

Helping users understand the data to drive better business decisions.


UX/UI Design

UX Design

Conversational AI SaaS platform

Enabling financial institutions to easily create & manage enterprise level AI chatbots without additional coding.

Conversation 1
Conversation 2
Conversation 3

UX Design

Designing conversations for AI

Making the financial AI chatbot experience more 'human'.

UX Consultancy

I partner with clients from MNCs to help build better UX thinking for their digital experience.


Increasing student participation in class

Adopting technology to help combat shyness and enhance class participation.

Hands up

Personal Project

Can a digital interface provide a more enjoyable ordering experience?

How ordering food at a restaurant can be more engaging without a waiter. 

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User experience is about stories not portfolio.
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Let's get in touch!

User experience is all about stories not portfolio. Get in touch and hear more.